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Mr. Hongbo Wu

Website Welcome Message by Mr. Wu
Berlin High-level Dialogue on
Implementing Rio+20 Decisions on Sustainable Cities and Transport
19-21 June 2013
It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Berlin High-level Dialogue on Implementing Rio+20
Decisions on Sustainable Cities and Urban Transport. This upcoming event marks the first
anniversary of the historic Rio+20 Conference.
Rio+20 provided critical guidance to all stakeholders on the actions needed to achieve a
transition to sustainable development and arrive at the future we want. It underscored the
importance of transforming our cities, improving the links between urban and rural areas and
creating multi-modal transport systems for the 21st century.
The call to action is timely. Many cities and their urban populations are growing fast, in
particular in developing countries. They urgently need more investment in improved public
transport infrastructure and services, including better infrastructure for safer non-motorized
transport, such as biking and walking in inner city areas. Such actions are fundamental for
economic prosperity, securing access to employment, improving social equity and promoting
healthy living – all essential building blocks of sustainable development.
To make this happen, we need engagement at all levels. Governments, international
organizations, the scientific community, the private sector and individuals all have an
important role to play. I urge you to join the Dialogues to explore sound policy options, best
practices and innovation that will contribute to the global action on sustainable development
and the implementation of our shared commitments in Rio.