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New York, 28 February - 4 March 2011
Thematic Discussion on 10YFP on Sustainable Consumption and Production
Thursday, 3 March 2011
Statement of Italy
Delivered by Mr. Andrea Innamorati? Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea
Mr Chairman, distinguished Delegates, Ladies and Gentlemen,
Italy associates itself with the statement made by the European Union onbehalf of its Member
States and would like to further highlight some specificissues.
Italy wishes to thank the government of Panama for hosting the High Level CSD Intersessional
Meeting on the 10YFP on SCP and for providing us the opportunity to discuss key issues in view of
this present meeting and of the preparatory process leading to CSD19.
Italy is convinced that we need to define a strong vision, objectives and goals for the 10YFP and we
need to commit to this global common vision and these goals at the highest level during CSD19.
This is essential to increase the ownership of SCP and to strengthen the commitment of MS to the
implementation of the 10YFP. As was the case for the MDGs, universally endorsed goals are key to
ensure that SCP receives also a wider support from other relevant ministries (e.g. economy and
finance, agriculture, infrastructure, transport, etc.). The global common vision, the objectives and
goals should build upon agreed elements (JPOI, Agenda 21 Rio Declaration, etc.) and support all
Rio principles, with particular regards to principle 7, but also principle 8, which directly calls for a
shift towards SCP as a condition for achieving better quality of life for all people, principle 15,
known as the polluters pays principle, and principle 16, namely the precautionary principle.
Furthermore, the particular conjuncture , that we are experiencing between the Marrakech Process
and CSD, together with the tremendous support received during CSD18 should raise our level of
ambition in an attempt to meet the challenges, vision and goals developed under the Marrakech
The functions identified in the Secretary General report, integrated with other two functions,
namely a clearing house function and a review and monitoring function would allow the 10YFP to
respond to different needs and be sufficiently flexible to evolve. The Marrakech Process for
example, through a bottom up approach, was able to do so and has appropriately illustrated the
enormous scope of the benefits that can be gained from sharing good practices and supporting
cooperation at all levels of engagement.
A well structured 10YFP should be supported by a sound and efficient organisational structure that
should respond to the identified functions and should build on existing institutions. The 10YFP
should be supported by a single Secretariat based within a UN agency/programme, with
coordinating responsibilities in particular with all relevant UN agencies/programs. The Secretariat
should be steered by a Bureau made of representatives from different regions and main stakeholders
involved in the 10YFP (more formal Advisory Committee as was for the MP).
The 10YFP should include a list of programmes building on the experiences carried out under the
Marrakech Process and other best practices and should be able to support the many effective bottom
up initiatives emerging on SCP.
Monitoring and reviewing processes should take place periodically at na tional, regional and
international level providing the opportunity to exchange views on best practices and gaps to be
Finally Mr Chair, we believe that the 10YFP could represent a milestone in advancing the agenda of
sustainable development, resource efficiency and green economy, and thus contribute also to
Italy is strongly convinced that a positive outcome of CSD19 with the adoption of a 10YFP would
provide a significant input to the global challenge of fulfilling both sustainable development and
related targets set by other international agreements.
We recognize that these objectives are ambitious. Defining and launching a 10YFP will require an
increased global ambition over the next months so that the outcome of CSD19 deliberations is
substantial in scaling up practical action.
We are nonetheless strongly convinced that Sustainable Development is not possible without SCP.
Thank you.