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in estment.tn mulct purpose water Ynfirastructtures ;by!public p 1vate partnerships and!
governance . International,, community 'as well as', regional and multilateral'
development, banks arid, financial ''institutions are urged to assist in providing
financial resources to the countries and regions in need .
When the amount of water per capita is less than 1000 cubic meters, this is
considered `as an important factor constraining economic development . Therefore ; in
ordeuto overcome the water scarcity problem, desalination and waste water recyling
techniques are widely used by the water stressed countries . In this framework, if the
wastewater, treatment is not effective and reliable, food crops which are irrigated by
treated waters can be contaminated . On the other hand, due to high costs,
desalination is not widely used ,by developing and water stressed countrie,,s. or t es
reasons, other alternatives including water transfer projects from w ric" oun es to
water stressed ones should be kept in mind .
Widely disputed concept the "virtual water" can also be solution to meet the
demands of increasing population . By virtual water, I mean sharing the benefits of
water instead of water itself. Assuming that 1500 m3 of water is needed to grow 1
ton of wheat, the water equivalent of 1 million tons of imported wheat is around 1 .5
billion m3 . The South Eastern Anatolia Project, for instance, carried out by Turkey
is one of the best examples as for its contribution in food security in the Middle East