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Denmark, Ireland and Norway

Remarks by Ireland, Denmark Norway
Focus Area 2 – Sustainable Agriculture, Food Security & Nutrition

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We support a goal on food and nutrition security. The text in Focus Area 2 is a good basis for further discussion. We should, however, address hunger and food and nutrition insecurity more widely than only agriculture. We would like to make the following points:

1. We welcome the explicit reference to the right to adequate food, and support a target on access to affordable, adequate, safe and nutritious food for all.

2. We strongly support the inclusion of a target on malnutrition and stunting, in particular, but not only, for children. We would welcome explicit reference to maternal as well as child malnutrition and stunting.

3. Any area for action on increasing productivity in food production should focus on:
• small food producers’ access to inputs, knowledge and services, in particular women and indigenous peoples ,
• sustainable, diverse, resilient and climate smart food production,
• the nutritious quality of food produced.

4. More efficient post-production food systems that reduce the global rate of food loss and waste is essential.

5. We must focus not only on agriculture and a food based approach to improving food & nutrition security, important as that is, but also on other determinants of food and nutrition insecurity, in coherence with the global nutrition targets agreed by the World Health Assembly, either in focus area 2 or 3 on health.

6. We also welcome the coordination between the Rome-Based Agencies on the development of an agreed set of targets on food and nutrition security.