United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

Securing Livelihood for All: Foresight for Action

UNDP Conference Room, 11th Floor of FF Building, 304 E. 45th Street UN DESA, OECD, UNDP and ILO


Significant progress has been made in improving people’s livelihoods across the globe. More than two billion people have moved out of extreme poverty over the last four decades, and the world has seen an increase in wages of unskilled workers in many countries, better life expectancy, greater gender equality, and more widespread literacy. More progress is needed, however, and several challenges threaten these advances, including related to demographics and environmental sustainability.

This panel will present the recent OECD Development Centre book on Securing Livelihood for All: Foresight for Action, illustrate a range of possible future scenarios for livelihoods, and discuss how global, national and local actions can hold promise for securing resilient and inclusive livelihood for all.