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"Relay of Peace"


    The world community has jointly created a brilliant pyramid of elite sports, at the top of which is the Olympic Games. However, for an ordinary person in order to maintain his health and physical condition, such a world practice does not exist. This task turned out to be not profitable for implementation, since it does not bring financial success. The highest value of our time has become money, not a person. The foundation's mission is to create a global health movement similar to the Olympic Games, but for all people, including people with disabilities. The project aims to organize prevention of human health by increasing physical activity and maintaining physical condition.


    1. Creation of a global health movement for the prevention of human health. 2. Creating a fashion for a healthy lifestyle, exercising control over your physical health and preserving the environment. 3. Organization of a health-improving movement based on the interest of each person to their health. 4. Modern global projects in an interactive form, regardless of boundaries, distances, financial wealth and religious affiliation. Anyone can take part in the global health movement. 5. Over 5 billion people follow the Olympic Games. We must provide ordinary people with the opportunity to fulfill their old dream and create the Olympic Games for all people. 6. With the active participation of the UN, WHO and IOC, this movement is capable of reaching many countries of the world.

    Contribution to SDG Implementation

    The global peacekeeping project is in line with the SDG targets and is designed for the long term. If in 2014 the program was presented at the Olympic Games in person with the participation of more than 6,000 guests and spectators of the Olympics from 4 to 86 years old, then an unlimited number of people from any country can participate in the Peace Relay in an interactive form. For this, a portal has been created as a tool for organizing a health movement. The project has been prepared, tested, approved by the leaders of a number of countries and is in line with the SDG program until 2030.

    Implementation methodologies

    The program of the health-improving movement "Peace Relay" provides for a person to perform uniform test physical exercises at home or on a sports field ("Peace Relay" - https://rotw20.blogspot.com/), then friends, acquaintances and many others are invited to participate in the Relay others. From one participant to another, an interactive "wave" of the health movement emerges, covering the population of many countries of the world. For this purpose, an Internet portal has been created. The participant can independently enter his test results on the portal, receive a card of his physical health, find out how many years he “won” or “lost” in relation to his calendar age, receive appropriate recommendations and participate in the global movement together with people from different countries. Test tests meet standardization criteria: validity, informational content, reliability and are widely used in many countries. World tests include: standing long jump, keeping the body hanging on the bar with bent arms, abdominal exercises, flexibility, push-ups. These tests cover a wide range of basic human motor qualities. They are simple to implement and are suitable for people of different age groups. On the portal, a person can leave feedback and suggestions, create his own personal page and find out the possible duration of his life. Also, ratings are formed among participants, countries, states by the number of participants from each country and the level of physical health of the population. The main task of the Foundation is to create a system of motivation for a person - to pay attention to their health, support it and participate in the global health movement. The program does not require significant financial costs.


    The project has passed a thorough scientific examination in a number of national scientific organizations on the instructions of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Sports of Russia. More than 11 million people are currently involved in this health movement. For 10 years, the program has been used by the Russian Ministry of Education with a high degree of efficiency. It is planned that already at the beginning of the implementation of the Peace Relay program, people from 10-12 countries will be involved in the health improvement movement. Invited to participate: children, entire families, retirees, people with disabilities. The groups of participants are formed by age and professional affiliation. The "Relay of Peace" interactively opens up new horizons for organizing a global health movement for all, relying on massive digitalization in the countries of the world. The global health movement is highly humanistic and in line with the SDG targets.

    Factors and Constraints

    In the context of Covid-19, an interactive form of participation of the population in a health program, including at home, turned out to be in great demand. An innovative project does not require serious financial costs, and the participants in the health movement themselves participate without financial investments. So far, the project is being carried out at the expense of the Fund and benefactors. Limitations include: equipping the Fund with high-speed IT equipment, establishing contacts with interested organizations and NGOs, since it is difficult for the Fund to implement a global peacekeeping project without international support.

    Sustainability and replicability

    The program is built taking into account replication and replication, primarily by the participants in the health movement themselves. After completing the tests, the participants invite their friends, acquaintances and many others to participate in the "I could do it and you try" relay. This will be actively picked up in many countries, without the influence of government organizations. The people's movement, people's diplomacy will be developed by the people themselves. The Foundation, within the framework of the SDGs, is committed to bringing the wellness movement to the far reaches of our planet. Open access to the international portal allows anyone to participate in the global health movement and keep abreast of current events. This approach allows you to attract a wide audience of participants even from the farthest corners of our planet.

    COVID-19 Impact

    Covid-19 has sharply raised the issue of finding new global solutions to maintain human health. "Relay of Peace" in an interactive form has become a real tool for the prevention of people's health in limited living conditions. The program brought positive emotions to all family members during this troubled time. WHO invited this project to its events. In conditions of self-isolation, uncertainty, and growing anxiety among people, an interactive health program for everyone has proven very popular. The global challenge amid a pandemic demanded bold, large-scale decisions. Uniting the populations of countries under the flags of the UN, WHO, IOC will give this initiative a large-scale character.

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