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Report - HLPF Accelerating SDG7 Achievement - SDG7 Tag Policy Brief

Año de publicación: 2019 Editor: United Nations


This document was prepared in support of the frst SDG Ȃ review at the United Nations High-Level Political Forum 2019. The views expressed in this publication are those of the experts whose contributions are acknowledged and do not necessarily refect those of the United Nations or the organizations mentioned in this document.

This document, including the Policy Briefs and the Summary for Policymakers, was developed under the auspices of the multi-stakeholder SDG 7 Technical Advisory Group, convened by United Nations DESA. Under the leadership and able facilitation of two co-facilitators of the group, Sheila Oparaocha and Hans Olav Ibrekk, the members of the group have demonstrated exemplary commitment and a true spirit of multi-stakeholder collaboration.