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Theme: Free
Date: 6 Junho
Time: 15hOO-18hOO (aprox. as 16hOO - posicao 15 na lista)
Local: UN GAHall
Distinguished Co presidents of the UN Ocean Conference
Mrs Isabella Lovin, Minister for International Development
Cooperation and Climate of Sweden
Mr Frank Bainimararna, Prime Minister of Fiji
Your excellences
Distinguished delegates
Ladies and gentlemen
• We all know climate change is a harsh reality and to
accomplish the Paris Agreement 'i/ue must ~It a global
• Portugal greets the United Nations, once more, for the
organization of this Conference, entirely dedicated to
Sustainable Development Goal 14, reinforcing its relevant
role in boosting its implementation.
• To this end, the submission of voluntary commitments by
the Member States of the United Nations is especially
• Therefore, Portugal has made a special effort to establish
commitments, that will decisively contribute to the
implementation of Goal 14, in maritime areas under
Portuguese jurisdiction and beyond, through meaningful
partnerships with other States.
• Portugal submitted 10 commitments covering actions
against marine litter, enhancement of maritime spatial
planning (including a clear target of 14% of marine
protected areas), or additional funding for conservation
• Why do we all commit? Because, as we all know, the
Ocean is the primary regulator of the global climate and
the way we decide to address this challenge will affect our
lives in the decades to come.
• Oceans and coastal areas are extremely vulnerable to the
effects of human actions, such as environmental
degradation, overfishing and pollution, and that is why
there is a need for sustainability in all ocean-related
activities, meaning, a real blue economy assumed as a
powerful tool in the implementation of Goal 14.
• The success of blue economy demands a circular
economy, which contributes to, and depends on the
conservation and sustainable use of the ocean and
marine resources, and it is of the most significant aims of
the dfAR~ United Nations Agenda 2030.
• Sustainable ocean economy is not only important to
create jobs and generate wealth, but also to address
some of the greatest challenges our planet faces today.
And this is why we must make the most of the potential
blue economy offers, while safeguarding healthy oceans.
• Healthy oceans have a direct impact on Human health!
Oceans are not only one of the main food providers, but
also, and through biotechnology, one of the sources for
the development of new products that can truly protect
and improve Human health.
• It is for this reason that, Portugal will promote the third
edition of the "Oceans Meeting", addressing the topic of
"Oceans and Human Health", and I invite all of you to
come to Lisbon, in September.
• We must focus on the challenges and opportunities of this
subject and explore the interlinks between marine
resources, research and development and its potential on
Human health, namely on food production and quality,
biotechnology, biomedicine, pharmaceutical, cosmetics
and fine chemical industries.
• We truly believe in International cooperation. We are
stronger together, and this is why we are gather here,
sharing views, putting forward our different commitments
for the benefit of our generation and the others to come.
Finally, and because the need to support th implementation
of Goal 14 does not end here; because the importance of
LAJleQ ~
the health of our ocean is vital today as it ~ vital tomorrow;
because until 2030 and beyond we need to make
everything in our reach to address the serious challenges
facing our ocean, I want to formally announce that Portugal
ofters to host a follow-up UN Ocean Conference in 2020 on
the same basis and with the same objectives as laid out in
Resolution 70/303 for this Conference. We make this offer
as a contribution to, and in line with, the follow-up and
review process of the 2030 Agenda under the stewardship
and oversight of the high level political forum.
• Finally, and to reinforce Portugal's commitment regarding
Ocean Affairs, we express our interest and availability to
host the next UN Ocean Conference, in Portugal, in June
;/. I thank you for your kind attention!
Il \\\\
• I would like to end by recalling the wise words of the great
New Yorker philosopher, William James: "We are like
islands in the sea, separate on the surface but connected
in the deep."