United Nationsإدارة الشؤون الاقتصادية والاجتماعية التنمية المستدامة


Statement by the Delegation of Japan
Thank you, Madam Chair,
Climate change is expected to increase the severity of droughts. Policies to improve
drought preparedness need to be developed and subsequently adopted. Mitigating
pressure on land is necessary through the introduction of appropriate agricultural
practices. Tree planting directly contributes to the recovery of degraded soil.
Creating new sources of income other than agriculture or other land-based
industries is also important for improving people?s adaptability. I would like to point
out interlinkages between draughts, desertification and land degradation. In this
sense, utilization of existing fora, especially UNCCD (United Nations Convention to
Combat Desertification) would bring about a synergy effect.
Madam Chair,
Drought is one of the world?s natural disasters. So measures for disaster risk
reduction can be applied in order to reduce the negative impact of droughts. First,
we need to systematically integrate drought risk reduction measures into
sustainable development and poverty eradication programs, including specific
actions for its implementation. Accumulation of more accurate scientific data is also
critical for allowing enhanced evaluation of risks and superior prediction of drought
occurrences. Finally, as developing countries are most vulnerable to droughts,
international cooperation in this field should be further strengthened.
Thank you, Madam Chair,