United Nationsإدارة الشؤون الاقتصادية والاجتماعية التنمية المستدامة


Statement by India at the thematic discussion on Sustainable
Consumption and Production ? IMP CSD-19, 3 Mar 2011
Mr. Chairman,
We align ourselves with the statement delivered by Argentina
on behalf of G-77 and China.
We value the ongoing discussion on a 10-year Framework of
Programme (10 YFP) on Sustainable Consumption and Production
and are happy to see the progress made so far. On this positive
note, we are hopeful that CSD-19 would indeed finalise the 10 YFP.
Sustainable Consumption and Production is an essential
building block for progress towards sustainable development.
We believe that a 10 YFP on SCP in order to be acceptable to
all must be firmly based on all the Rio Principles including common
but differentiated responsibilities and respective capabilities, equity
and polluters-pay principle.
The Marrakech process provides a sound base for building the
10 YFP as it allows action and programmes to be flexible enough to
address different levels of development of countries and their
different levels of resource endowments and institutional
arrangements. Flexibility to accommodate national policies and
priorities would be the key to the eventual success of the proposed
10 YFP.
Even as we craft a meaningful SCP programme, we must bear
in mind that such programme should not jeopardise the
developmental aspirations of developing countries while they call for
decoupling of economic growth from environmental considerations.
We wish to see a larger focus on energy access and food
security issues in the 10 YFP being developed.
Mr. Chairman,
The Rio principles clearly call for the developed countries to
take lead on making their consumption and production choices
sustainable. We would like to state that lack of progress on this
score is unacceptable and the situation if not rectified has the
potential to derail the hard won global convergence achieved on
While there is universal appreciation of the value of SCP, the
developing world clearly lacks capability to undertake gradual shift
towards the paradigm. Putting in place an enabling mechanism
based on predictable funding and transfer of technology is therefore
of high importance for the overall success of the SCP programme.
We note that ongoing discussion on 10 YFP puts a special
emphasis on small scale producers in developing countries: while
doing so it would do well to fully appreciate the ?doing more with
less? action and high resource-productivity ratio achieved by these
producers in advance of the three pillars of sustainable
We support a strong institutional arrangement to help
implement the agreed goals and objectives of the SCP framework.
India has taken major policy interventions to move towards a
more sustainable path of consumption and production. We have
updated our regulations and undertaken policy shift to encourage
progress towards sustainability.
We look forward to a productive outcome on 10 YFP SCP at the
upcoming CSD-19 session.
Thank You.