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Czech Republic

Mr. Chairman,
The Czech Republic fully associated with the statement made by Slovenia on behalf of EU.
Over the past thirty years, drought has dramatically increased in number and intensity in the EU. Then the Effective drought management strategies should become not only an EU priority but also priority of the rest of the world.
A comprehensive approach to addressing the issues of water scarcity and drought is a fundamental requirement for achieving water policy objectives and moving towards sustainable development.
Czech republic has in fact just about 1.5% of whole area affected by drought but has well understood how big problem a climate change is and would be and that is preparedness and prevention which plays the main role in these areas.
CZ agrees with the European Council conclusion about water scarcity and drought(30th October 2007), through an implementation of an appropriate set of measures to minimize socio-economic and environmental impacts of drought effects in the context of the WFD within the River Basin Management Plans, and when and where needed, within a specific ?Drought Management (sub)Plan? (including identifying the necessary adaptation strategies for climate change and coordinated water resource management in international river basins.
There are several crisis-management approaches but the core is in prevention and preparedness actions to tackle the impact of droughts.
Drought management planning should include inter-alia cross border coordination, public participation, water saving, clean and water efficient technologies, warning systems, and should be developed in the potentially affected area at the appropriate level. In order to ensure the main strategic aims in the preparation of the plan, Czech government adopted in May 2007 a strategic document on Plan of main river basins in CR and subsequently in October 2007, its compulsory part was declared by the relevant Government decree.
In harmony with long-term tradition in water planning in Czech republic, the strategic document and the list of the tasks include aspects of water protection and also aspects of water management planning and negative impacts of water as a consequence of extreme hydrological events, such as drought and floods.
In this area, the document specify a number of basic tasks and objectives such as preparation of nature-friendly mitigation measures for reducing impacts of climate change on water resources(measures in landscape)which includes identification of localities suitable for surface water accumulation by using technical measures, such as construction of dams.
Recently a background material for declaration of localities, which are hydrological and morphologically suitable for surface water accumulation are in preparation(finish 2008) and a review of the existing system for protection of these localities by using precautionary principles, as one of the mitigation measures for long-term horizon of the following 50 or 100 years, when climate change can be reflected in high reflected in high extremity and frequency of drought events(by the first half of 2009).
Adaptation measures dealing with climate change in water sector, which must be introduced, are included in the National Programme to Mitigate Climate Impacts in the Czech Republic. This programme is focused on setting of the main national targets and appropriate policies and measures to ensure the meeting of the reduction emission targets to the maximum possible degree in the sense of international agreements, to reflect existing and future social and economic conditions in Czech Republic and to promote sustainable development.
Thank you Mr. Chairmen for your attention.