United Nationsإدارة الشؤون الاقتصادية والاجتماعية التنمية المستدامة


Mr. Chairman,
In addition to intervention that has delivered by Indonesia yesterday, my delegation
would also like to stress out that in order to have sound chemical and hazardous
wastes management, including mercury, special funding mechanism is needed. The
Montreal Protocol on Ozone Depletion Substances is a good example on how the
international community agreed to set up a multilateral fund which embodied the
principle of common but differentiated responsibilities to protect and manage the
global environment.
Our deliberation yesterday and this morning session have indicated that we are all
aware of the environmental consequences of chemicals, hazardous wastes including
mercury. Indonesia, therefore, fervently hopes that alternative financing mechanism in
helping countries to have an effective chemical, hazardous wastes management,
including mercury could be considered more seriously.
I thank you.