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Panel Discussion on Migration and Sustainable Development

Conference Room 4 (NLB)


The Panel Discussion on Migration and Sustainable Development-Opportunities and Challenges will be co-organized by the Division for Sustainable Development and the Population Division, DESA in the margin of the forty-sixth session of the Commission on Population and Development, to be held in New York on 22-26 April 2013.

A growing interest in the migration-development nexus has led to an increase in research on the subject. Expanded efforts to collect and analyze data have resulted in significant progress in the understanding of migration aspirations (economic, risk diversification and environmental factors etc.). The consequences of movement on receiving and sending countries (remittances, social effects, and transnational networks) and the role of development in fueling migration are also better grasped. But understanding of the highly complex system of demographic, economic, social and environmental factors remains incomplete.c

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Sustainable cities and human settlements

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