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Supporting Recovery and Stability in Iraq through local Development. This project is to increase community stabilization through rehab of Al-Yarmouk Park at West Mosul in Iraq.

Engineering Association for Development & Environment-EADE (

    Supporting Recovery and Stability in Iraq through local Development. This project is to increase community stabilization through rehabilitation of Yarmouk Park at West Mosul in Iraq.

    Implementation of the Project/Activity

    1-Excvated two water wells to irrigate the corps and trees. 2-Supplying the water well with solar power system so avoid pollution of environment. This solar power can provide power to fill the huge water tanks of 100 m3 volume. 3-Planting 40 fruit trees. 4-Planting 60 palm trees 5-Planting more than 3oo trees 6-Train 30 females about planting and garden nursery to hire them during planting the trees. 7-Planting 800 M2 with grass. 8-Providing and supplying children play spaces. 9-Providing irrigation system to irrigate the trees and grass works by solar power. 10-Using the organic fertilizer for trees and plants


    Engineering Association For development and Environment (EADE) started in October 2020 a unique project in Iraq, Mosul city. This project a friendly environment project. There was a big park in Mosul about 67000 sqm. The park was opened in 1980 from the last century. People used to come to this park, but due to war and especially ISIL war the park was nearly damaged. As a result of shortage of fuel and electricity, people came and cut most the trees which made the park like a dessert. In this project EADE reach several outputs: a- increasing the wellbeing of the neighborhood residents through providing vocational training, cash for work, rehabilitation of the park for the residents to spend good times with their children. Negative impact was avoided by creating fair selection criterion and we explained to the residents in the FGDs why some people will not be selected to avoid social tension. b- Contributing to marketing for green energy as we used solar energy to run electrical devices rather than relying on generators. All equipment were put in safe places to avoid any harm for the children on the operators in the park to avoid any negative impact. c- Supporting the environment sustainability and working against dentification by planting over 600 trees. The trees, pushes selected carefully to avoid the death of trees for not being adequate to the climate of Iraq and the need of water, poisonous trees were avoided too to follow the principle of “Do no Harm”.

    Enabling factors and constraints

    Through hiring professional consultant utilizing the financial resources we ensured that each dollar was spent where it is spouses to be, by doing focus group discussions we included the needs of the beneficiaries into the program to reach the best impact. Alternative choices were considered too to selected the best economic solution which can fix the problem ahead.

    Sustainability and replicability

    In order to ensure good results about the success of the project. An agreement has been signed by Engineering Association for Development and Environment, EADE and Mosul municipality, greening and agriculture department to hire three out of the 30 female who received training about planting and nursery. These females will be hired for five years to ensure the sustainably and replicability. Also, there will be support from UNHABITAT to monitor the project for five years. Hiring local unskilled labour and team them up under supervision of skilled labour from the community, and from Al-Sikak, Al-Yarmouk and Al-Matahin neighborhoods so that they acquire knowledge and skills, since there were some empty kiosks that mentioned a skilled labor here or there, but not actually operational. EADE advocated with relevant local authorities and the Advocacy Working Group for an increased integration of humanitarian assistance into government support programs by engaging with authorities such as DOA to provide local parks with the resources, such as maintenance of plants and shrubs.

    COVID-19 Impact

    Covid-19 has affected the people nearly all countries and especially Mosul because it was under ISIL control for more than three years. Covid-19 has increased poverty situation. So, in order to decrease people sufferings, EADE hired the vulnerable people from the nearest areas. We focused on hiring vulnerable women as widows and divorced women. During the implementation time, mitigation procedures have been adopted as putting masks, gloves and social separation. All the health procedures have been adopted during the implementing time. EADE provided to the women trainings site with the best and ensure that all safety measure regarding to COVID 19, and other hazardous are in place, through provision of PPE materials, awareness session regarding COVID 19, awareness about toxic materials in this field of work and the existence of health monitor who has the experience in first aid to step in when needed.

    This initiative does not yet fulfil the SMART criteria.
    15 October 2020 (start date)
    15 February 2021 (date of completion)
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